Why You'll Love How We Empower You!

You've studied, worked hard, and persevered to become who you are today. Dialflow wants to help you leverage the value of your identity to get the best deals brands and local merchants have to offer. The details about your preferences and lifestyle are highly sought after by a great many companies selling and promoting products and services. But why should any company gain that knowledge for free and invade your privacy in the process? We'll place a tangible value on you sharing your preferences and granting the privilege of contacting you on your mobile device and social network. We think it's only fair. One day soon we'll make it easy for you to load a gift card, or donate to any charitable institution and crowdfunding platform to help change the world. We want you to truly experience and project the power of who you are.

How It Works

You sign up with us and take our short survey so we can pinpoint exactly what you like.

Companies send you highly targeted and timely deals that match your taste and lifestyle. No one wants to waste your valuable time.

Your offer arrives via text and Facebook along with a $0.50 cash reward in your account. When you have $10 we'll send it to you. Soon you'll be able to load a gift card, raise funds for your own cause, or donate. Get your friends to join and earn more! Opt-out anytime.